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  • Rural Clinic in Kuchipudi Natya Kshetram

    Rural Clinic in Kuchipudi Natya Kshetram

    If a donation is more than $200 you can place an advertisement on the site. If you are interested please click the donate button   NoYes Brief Description Echoes of India has organized a press meet on Friday the March 29, 2013 in, Irving, Tx to thank TANA for their donation of EKG Equipment to […]

  • Nalgonda Rural Clinic- A Life time Gift

    Nalgonda Rural Clinic- A Life time Gift

    This clinic will have unique facilities that will support Diabetic testing, monitoring, Blood and Urine testing and monitoring and EKG. We have completed our survey and received excellent results and based upon which it has been decided to establish the clinic with the above mentioned facilities. During the last 6 months, we made very good […]

  • Nalgonda Water Purification

    Nalgonda Water Purification

    Echoes of India has been providing remote areas of Nalgonda with pure mineral water, since 2009. For several generations, inhabitants of the Nalgonda District (Andhra Pradesh, India) have been suffering from skeletal deformities due to the consumption of fluoride-contaminated ground water. Help unfortunately doesnt reach parts of remote Nalgonda, where tribal populations have been in […]