Nalgonda Rural Clinic- A Life time Gift

Nalgonda Rural Clinic- A Life time Gift
This clinic will have unique facilities that will support Diabetic testing, monitoring, Blood and Urine testing and monitoring and EKG. We have completed our survey and received excellent results and based upon which it has been decided to establish the clinic with the above mentioned facilities. During the last 6 months, we made very good progress of getting excellent support from locals, identifying the building for the clinic, Doctor and Compounder and support staff from the near by Village. Our aim is to inaugurate this clinic in Dec 2013. This is another self sustaining Rural Clinic which will operate like our prestegious Kuchipudi Rural Clinic. This is a proven concept which has been time tested. The uniqueness of this Nalgonda Rural Clinic is that it supports Diabetic patients and remote on-line support from Specialists.

More About The Event:

Echoes of India is organizing a Spiritual, Music, and Dance Festival
Ragas & Rhythms


Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at Granville Arts Center.

Dear Respected Teacher,

I, PranhutiSuri, as Director of Echoes of India am pleased to share with you that we have successfully installed 11 Reverse Osmosis plants serving 60,000 people in Nalgonda District and on April 11, 2013, we have established our very first Rural Medical Clinic in the notable Kuchipudi Village in India. Currently, our clinic is serving about 3,000 artists and villagers.

Through these projects, I have learned a lot and they have been life-changing experience for me.

My target is to support 10,000 people by establishing 2 more medical clinics in remote villages that are very much in need of medical attention.

And eradicate the fluoride contamination problem in Nalgonda District by serving 40,000 more people that will make entire Mandal (County) fluoride free.

I am organizing this very first event all by myself for Echoes of India and I would sincerely appreciate your support and blessings.

Registration & Event Details:

Echoes of India is organizing a Spiritual, Music, and Dance Festival on:

Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at Granville Arts Center.

Dance Festival starts from 4PM and ends at 7 PM.

1.    I request you to please let me know your availability via email by August 13, 2013.
2.    A group of no less than 5 is needed.
3.    Time allotment depends on number of participants in each group.
4.    Items have to be 15-20 max. A school can present one item or max 2 items total of 20 minutes.
5.    Any donors above $250 will be recognized on the stage.
6.    $1000 and above donors’ names will be printed on the donor wall in India at the locations
7.    Participation fee is $25. This is inclusive of food and complimentary T-Shirt

Echoes of India is registered 501 (3) (c) Non-Profit organization and all donors above $250 will be given a tax- exemption certificate.