Rural Clinic in Kuchipudi Natya Kshetram

Rural Clinic in Kuchipudi Natya Kshetram

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Echoes of India has organized a press meet on Friday the March 29, 2013 in, Irving, Tx to thank TANA for their donation of EKG Equipment to Kuchipudi clinic.

This is a major mile stone achieved by Echoes of India in terms of serving humanity.

Echoes of India Founder & President Pranamya Suri , Co-Founder Vasanth Suri and Director Pranhuti Suri had invited Prasad Thotakura garu, President ,TANA as chief guest along with Sri. Murali Vennam, Coordinator, 19thTANA Convention, Sri. Chalapathi Rao Kondrakunta, Secretary, 19th TANA Convention, Gopal Ponangi, Director Vidya Danam and Dr. Rajesh Adusumilli, Physician and Community leader onto the dias.

The event was attended by several TANA members and student volunteers of Echoes of India (Sobhita Pochiraju, Siplita Pochiraju, Priyanka Potturi, Shruti Potturi, Sreeragini Ghantasala, Mytreyi Abburu, Ananya Ponangi) , Parents (Janaki Pochiraju, Suma Nukula, Satyavati Abburu, Purnima Potturi) and students of Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance School who had been supporting Echoes of India with great interest and passion to this art. Specifically the interest is in Kuchipudi art and hence Natyanjali had sponsored Medical camp in 2012 and had encouraged all their students to take part in this prestigious venture of Kuchipudi clinic.

Echoes of India , today , Friday March 29, 2013 had thanked TANA for their whole hearted support in donating EKG equipment and handed over a Certificate of Partnership to TANA President Prasad Thota Kura garu. Echoes of India President Pranamya Suri along with Director Pranhuti Suri had handed over the First Invitation card of inauguration to Prasad Thotakura garu. The inauguration of this prestigious Kuchipudi clinic is all set for Ugadi day, April 2013.

TANA President Prasad Thotakura garu, Sri. Murali Vennam, TANA Convention coordinator, Sri. Chalapathi Rao Kondrakunta TANA Convention Secretary, Gopal Ponangi, Director Vidya Danam and Dr. Rajesh Adusumilli had spoken at great length applauding the noble projects that have been done by Echoes of India.

This Kuchipudi Clinic has the blessings of Late PadmaBhushan Vempati China Satyam garu, Late Padmashree Vedantham Satyannaraya Sharma garu, Vempati Venkat garu, Vempati Ravi garu, Padmashree Dr. Sobha Naidu garu, Shri. Jai Kishore Mosalikanti garu, Shri Pasumarthi Vekateswara Sharma garu and several other great Kuchipudi exponents. This project is supported by Vedantam Raghava and Vedantam Venkat, Tadepalli Satyanarayana and other local Kuchipudi artists. This project will be serving not only Kuchipudi but also historical neighboring villages, a total population of 3,500 people.

Echoes of India and TANA are sincerely thanking TV 9 and TV 5 for their whole hearted support in this event.

So far Echoes of India had established 9 Reverse Osmosis plants in remote villages of Nalgonda serving about 45,000 villagers with pure drinking water.

History of Kuchipudi clinic:

Pranamya Suri was invited to perform at Kuchipudi village in 2012. Instead of coming back after performance, after speaking with Late Padmashree Vedantham Satyanaraya Sharma, she came to know that there are no proper medical facilities in Kuchipudi. Instead of coming back to USA, she had stayed back for 2 days and had conducted a medical camp which had helped about 400 villagers with free medicines distribution. This was a great success.

Then Echoes of India had conducted a medical survey to understand the specific details of deceases etc.

The survey had given great conclusions which had helped in identifying the location to set up a clinic, types of medical facilities that are needed and types of medicines that are needed etc.

– March 2012: Echoes of India, in collaboration with Kuchipudi Bhagatamela conducted the first medical camp, and provided patients with free medical care and medications. Natyanjali Kuchipudi Dance Schools’s director, Srilatha Suri, funded this project.

– June 2012: Echoes of India established a managing partner (with Raksha Multispeciality Hospitals) , and Mr. Vasanth Suri created a working model for the clinic.

– July 2012: An extensive health survey and retrospective medical record analysis were conducted to collect additional data and assess need.

– July 2012: Initial fundraising by Echoes of India began. Mr. Vasanth Suri also got the local organizations, as well the national organizations involved for donating equipment.

– October 2012: Mr. Vasanth Suri, director of Echoes of India presented the proposed budget and project plan at Sri Siddendra Yogi Jayanthi Utsavam, in Houston 2012 (organized by Vedantam Kalakshetra). Additionally, Mr. Vedantam Raghava (director of Vedantam Kalakshetra) and Mr. Vedantam Venkat (president of Kuchipudi Bhagavatamela) formally announced their support. Both Echoes of India and Vedantam Kalakshetra began collecting funds after making an appeal.

– January 2013: Mr. Vasanth suri and Pranamya Suri, along with the managing director identified the doctor, compounder/lab technician that will be in the clinic, as well additional medical equipment.

– February 2013: Echoes of India’s youth team collected medical supplies.

– February 2013 Vedantam Raghava and Vedantam Venkat were instrumental in identifying the premises, completing all the legal formalities. This was a crucial step for the establishment of the clinic.

On Ugadi day, April 11, 2013, Rural Kuchipudi Clinic was inaugurated marking it as a memorable day for Echoes of India and adding a feather in the cap. This Rural Clinic is going to serve about 5000 plus people including the nearby villages.

– A fund raiser was conducted Washington DC , Shivanjali by Mrs. Lakshmi Babu garu and Mrs. Lakshmi garu.

Appeal: More funds are needed to support this Prestigious Kuchipudi clinic to make it a successful and great venture that will stay as a land mark for Kuchipudi for future generations as well.