Echoes of India Projects:  RO Plants, Medical Camps and Arts & Culture Promotion

Nalgonda Water Purification Projecteenadu-vasundhara-june-30-2015

Echoes of India has been providing remote areas of Nalgonda with pure mineral water, since 2009. For several generations, inhabitants of the Nalgonda District (Telangana, India) have been suffering from skeletal deformities due to the consumption of fluoride-contaminated ground water. Help unfortunately doesn’t reach parts of remote Nalgonda, where tribal populations have been in anguish for several generations.

So far, Echoes of India has installed 12 full capacity Reverse Osmosis water purification plants in remote Nalgonda, which serve more than 85,000 people. Additionally, we have developed a model for making the plants self-sustaining. Currently, we are in the process of installing 6 more additional RO Plants to eradicate Fluorosis in the entire Mandal.


Nalgonda Rural Clinic- A Life time Gift


Pranhuti conceptualized Rural Medical concept in Nalgonda with an intention to help patients suffering from Fluorosis, diabetes. In Aug 2015, Rural Medical clinic was established in Gurrampadu Thanda. The uniqueness is that this clinic is supported by a local MD.

Three medical camps have been organized so far with the donations received last year, 2015.

The plan is to start long term decease control and prevention treatment by involving specialists doctors and train the local practitioners.